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Beau Elliott Consulting is a Digital Marketing Agency in Fort Collins, Colorado.




At BEC Digital, we are all about value. Communicating the value of your company to your digital customers is paramount to success in today's economy,  no matter what industry your business operates in.


Whether you are looking to build your dream website, optimize your ad campaigns, scale your organization, attract more traffic, or convert more leads, Beau Elliott Consulting has the expertise to help you realize your goals.

Beau Elliott Consulting Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing

We begin each of our digital marketing projects with an immersive discovery phase, diving deep into your brand and marketplace. The marketers at Beau Elliott Consulting will create a comprehensive strategy for your business, ensuring the value of your product or service is amplified across all media channels. The results are proven, with each of our clients receiving a boost in traffic of at least 300% in the first year.

Ad Campaign Optimization

If you're tired of throwing money at the wind with your PPC and ad campaigns, Beau Elliott Consulting employs multiple ad optimization experts to help you get more out of your money. If your ads aren't generating at least 3x ROAS, reach out and let one of our experts manage your campaigns today!

Content Marketing Management

Content is king in the modern era, with every piece of content you generate being vital for your digital avatar. At BEC, our expert writers, designers and marketers work together to create content that catches fire, generating traffic and gaining traction across all media channels.

Social Management

Tired of boring social media strategies that look like everything else online? Let Beau Elliott Consulting manage your social media feed, creating brand-focused strategies that amplify your value and utilize cutting edge techniques to engage followers and generate leads.

Website Development

Break away from cookie-cutter website designs. Let the expert developers at BEC create a one-of-a-kind website for your business, seamlessly pairing functionality with art. We carefully craft each of our sites to match the specific needs of our clients.


Beau took my vague marketing ideas and turned them into comprehensive strategies that have launched my products to the front page of search results!

Dilyse Diaz