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Our Mission

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To amplify the voice of our clients, providing them with cutting edge solutions to help realize their most ambitious marketing goals.

What We do

At Beau Elliott Consulting,

We work tirelessly to stay ahead of the curve in web development & digital marketing, providing your organization with new and innovative ways to take control of the online marketplace. 

We employ industry experts who lead the field in UX/UI design, website development, digital & content marketing, social media, and SEO practices, providing your company with the latest techniques and strategies to conquer your industry.

Our team


BEau elliott

Web Designer & Digital Marketing Expert

Beau has spent the last 10 years working for tech companies in Denver, Colorado. He has held an array of top marketing positions in a myriad of industries, giving him the prowess and know-how to tackle any of your digital or content marketing goals.


Beau will handle your website-optimization, SEO, digital and content marketing strategies, and direction of your organizations overall marketing plan and schedule. 


Kristine Willingham

Social Media & Press Manager

Kristine Willingham is a media guru, who has worked for social media giants like Twitter, giving her expert knowledge of how to amplify your social media presence. 

Kristine will handle social media, press releases, and any other media-related topics for your business.